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Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) works hand in hand with Acupuncture and dietary therapy as a way to heal the body from the inside out. Diagnosis considers the nature of disease according to how it affects the individual, and herbs are selected not only according to their pharmacological benefits, but also how the body is likely to respond to them.

TCM uses a detailed system of differential diagnosis and practical, responsive treatment. Your practitioner will assess your health using traditional techniques such as pulse and tongue diagnosis; examine bodily function, signs and symptoms. This style of diagnosis maps the complaint and its underlying pattern of disharmony, which allows your practitioner to develop a strategic, herbal treatment plan.

about chinese herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine involves the use of plant parts such as leaves, flowers, twigs, roots, bark, peel, fruit and fungi. Some mineral and animal substances are also used, although substances derived from endangered species are substituted in traditional formulas with substances that have similar profiles.

Some herbs can be added to food and liquid; however, most Chinese herbs are prescribed as formulas containing between eight and 15 different herbs. Dried, granular herbs can be boiled up in water or ingested in a pill form. Herbs can also be applied externally in creams, pastes and plasters.

The Healing Point stocks over 250 single granulated herbs of highest export quality, grown in China. This range of single herbs not only enables your practitioner to prescribe many traditional and time-proven formulas, but also allows her to tailor formulas to the individual.

Herbal formulas are altered according to patient response and whether the condition improves or changes. Acupuncture and herbs are both an integral part of Chinese medicine practice, which may help patients to manage a range of symptoms including pain, stress and fatigue.

frequently asked questions about chinese herbs:

how long will i need to take chinese herbs?

The duration of a course of Chinese herbs varies according to the nature of the complaint and the patient’s general lifestyle and state of health. We will develop a treatment plan specific to your needs.

can chinese herbs be taken with other medicine?

Chinese herbs may be taken in conjunction with most prescription drugs without interaction or side effects. Please make your practitioner aware of any medication or other herbs you are taking during your initial consultation.

what do chinese herbs taste like?

Chinese herbal formulas have various tastes, they can be sweet, sour, bitter, spicy or bland. We will select a combination of tastes that will suit your body and palate.

who can prescribe chinese herbal medicine?

Chinese medicinal herbs are best prescribed by a trained herbalist. Herbalists undergo in depth training regarding appropriate dosages and combinations of single herbs in order to create a formula that suits you. Herbal ingredients are selected from trustworthy companies that are certified as having Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and testing for heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides.

are there side effects?

Chinese Medicine is generally considered to be safe but occasionally (as with all health treatments), may be associated with possible adverse reactions in individual cases. The most common are digestive upsets and gas/bloating depending on the body’s ability to digest the herbs. Taking the formula after a meal may alleviate these symptoms in most cases. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your practitioner during consultations.

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