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Healthy bodies make healthy babies.

A combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments such as Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and dietary therapy can provide an important “reproductive tune up” to ensure optimal physical health to conceive and nurture new life.

Melissa has a hands-on approach to diagnostics and will develop a customised, preconception strategy. For best results, we recommend a three month, pre-conception regimen.

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Men’s fertility is sorely unrepresented in the literature and it can be a joy to a couple to find out there are many things that a man can do to help improve their chances of having a baby. Some men, on the other hand, can be reluctant and may need some coaxing to get them on board for their fertility journey. Co-host Naava Carman joins Clare Pyers as they discuss the training of dogs, children and men.

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