Postnatal Support

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the postnatal or postpartum period refers to the four months following delivery, with the first 30 days most critical to healing and the re-establishment of health. Postnatal women can present with specific areas of imbalance and symptoms that can range from mild to severe and be short-lived or prolonged.

To minimise and treat postnatal imbalance, TCM stresses rest in combination with gentle exercise and focus on diet to rebuild Blood and Qi energy.

Acupuncture treatments from two weeks postpartum can help:

  • Promote efficient recovery
  • Balance hormones
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Encourage scar tissue and wound healing
  • Help lactation issues (supply and flow)

Moxibustion is also useful to help warm the uterus and pelvic area, and can help dry up lochia, treat haemorrhage, shrink the uterus back to normal size, and stimulate milk production. 

Melissa can develop a customised, postnatal care plan that works with any medical instruction, to encourage an efficient return to health.

For more information contact Melissa on 0400 113 212, or book online.

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